Nothin' But Trouble members

from left to right:

David Nathanson (bass/vocals), Steve Thomas (drums), Megan Killoran (lead vocals), (guitar/vocals) Duane Herd, not pictured.


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Nothin' But Trouble is a band that Megan Killoran established in February of 2013.  Since she created the band, they have had much success.  They won the title of "Best Cover Band" by Anchorage Press 'Picks' in October of 2014 and placed third in 2015.  They continue to be one of the best cover bands in the state of Alaska!  They play mostly in Anchorage and surrounding areas, but do not limit it to that.  Playing in bars and establishments around the state and other big events including in 2016, opening for Thompson Square for Summerfest up at Fort Wainwright, Alaska for a military appreciation concert.  They have also played many weddings and holiday events such as the Costco Wholesale Holiday Party!  The band plays mostly current rock, pop, 80's and country music.  Of course they don't forget about classic rock and a little bit of that in there too!

LIL' TROUBLE - Acoustic Trio:

Lil' Trouble is an acoustic duo made up of 3 of the band mates from NBT.  You will get vocals, guitar, cajon drum and cymbals in this full sounding acoustic trio!  They keep the energy up and have you dancing while you can still converse at a decent sound level.  Lil' Trouble is already setting the acoustic bar high!

NOTHIN' BUT KARMA - Acoustic Duo:

Nothin' But Karma is put together by singer Megan Killoran with Nothin' But Trouble and singer/guitar player Van Horn Ely of the band Agents of Karma.  Together they bring over decades of experience to the stage in this fun and exciting duo!  NBK focuses on hits from the 90's and also has thrown in some other genres and eras in the mix.  NBK recently opened for the national country act Love and Theft in the fall of 2020 and also toured with Dennis Quaid during his Alaska Tour in August 2020.  This acoustic pair can adhere to all of your acoustic or smaller venues shows!

Please contact Megan Killoran @ (907) 244-3179 or

today to see when we are available for bookings!

 **All the groups are usually booked out about 2 months in advance.  However, sometimes there are random openings.

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The Bands:

Nothin' But Trouble, Lil' Trouble, & Nothin' But Karma