Vocal Teacher Anchorage

Count on the Best Vocal Teacher in Anchorage

Singing is one of the most wonderful artistic expressions. It not only allows the development of musical skills. It is also an extraordinary way to develop one's personality and live fully. If you are in AK and want to learn, the wisest thing is to hire top expert singing lessons in Alaska.

For sure, you will find several options in the area. However, you will not find a better alternative than Megan Killoran at Killoran Productions. It is essential you get to know her better so that you know why she is the premium vocal teacher in Anchorage.

Why Choose Megan Killoran?


Megan received her training from one of Alaska's music icons since the age of 22: Mitch Tubman (Big Mitch). Her instructor has taken the music of the region to the next level, including the best performances of Alaskan artists on the famous American Idol and The Voice programs.

In addition to her talent, she developed with him management skills that allowed her to form her own band, Nothin' But Trouble. Also, her career prepared her to take the reins of the business after her mentor passed away. Today, she is the director of the academy, Killoran Productions, which provides its participants with an unparalleled experience in their development as artists.


The talent of the incomparable Megan has allowed her nothing but success. She began in 2008 by winning the Fur Roundy singing contest. In addition, her band Nothin' But Trouble was recognized as the best Press Picks cover band in 2014. Their excellent performance has earned them countless invitations, including Thompson Square in Ft. Wainwright, AK, in 2016. Today, they have also received a variety of awards with their students, including a couple of times as ARTS Talent Search's "Singing Child of the Year."

Comprehensive Methodology

One of the advantages of working with Megan is she will seek your complete development. This way, you will be able to shine completely when you are under the spotlight. On the one hand, you will receive the greatest Anchorage, AK, singing, and voice lessons, which will allow you to develop your vocal abilities. This includes the conditioning of your vocal cords, tone control, and breathing.

Besides, she will help the histrionic development of your personality, developing your confidence, posture, and staging. In this way, you will be able to make the most of your learning and will be sensational. As the greatest local coach and music instructor, she strives to offer a fun and personalized experience.

Fashionable Music

By taking Megan's private singing lessons, you can choose any of your favorite contemporary genres. These include pop, rock, jazz, broadway blues, and country. Also, she will teach you how to develop all your energy on stage in the best style of fashionable artists like Carrie Underwood, Bruno Mars, or Christina Aguilera, among others.

Trust the Best

If you are looking for the leading online singing courses in Anchorage or the best private lessons in the region, you are in the right place. Let Megan's talent at Killoran Productions make you shine as a true Rock Star. Contact Killoran Productions for info about our private lesson instruction.